Lending Services

Personal Loans

Based upon a cash flow and liquidity analysis, we can help with all your credit needs including real estate acquisitions, business objectives, college education, stock option financing, or even the purchase of a boat or recreation vehicle. The Bank of Santa Barbara has the ability to access any of the traditional loan products you may need. In addition we have an array of customized products which include:

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

Equity Lines are secured by a junior lien on your residence.   The Bank of Santa Barbara HELOC offers a competitive interest rate indexed to The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate and features monthly interest-only payments. You can easily access your account with convenience checks.


Secured/Unsecured Lines of Credit

The Bank of Santa Barbara can customize a credit solution to meet your various needs.  Based upon your individual situation, we have options for secured and unsecured short-term credit facilities.


Installment Loans

If you need longer term funding, The Bank of Santa Barbara can also customize a secured or unsecured installment loan based upon your individual situation.  No off the shelf products, we fit the credit to your needs.


Overdraft Protection Lines

To err is human.  To bounce a check is embarrassing and costly.  The Bank of Santa Barbara Overdraft Protection Line can give you peace of mind that even if you make that inadvertent error, or forget to make that deposit, we’ve got you covered.


Construction Loans

Whether it's for your primary or secondary residence, The Bank of Santa Barbara can help you build your dreams, literally.  With a construction loan from the Bank of Santa Barbara we can help you all the way through the construction process.  We work with your architect and builder to ensure that you have the funds necessary to complete your project to the plans and specifications you establish.  With flexible terms and conditions we can help you with terms from 6-months for small projects, to 12, 18, or 24-months for larger more complex endeavors.   Let The Bank of Santa Barbara help you build your dreams.