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Remote Deposit

The most convenient way to bank is Remote Deposit.  Deposit checks right from your own PC from Your Desk!

Remote Deposit allows you to deposit checks directly to your account right from your place of business. Simply scan your checks using one of our desktop scanners which will then convert them to images and deposit them into your account via our secure Remote Deposit portal.
Remote Deposit is not only the most convenient way to bank, but it is easy too.  With The Bank of Santa Barbara Remote Deposit, you reduce the time to prepare deposits and most importantly, you eliminate the trips to the bank.  In addition, because your checks are processed electronically, funds may be available sooner than if you wait to make deposits in person.  As if this is not enough, think about no deadlines.  Even with a courier, you are dealing with a specific schedule, but with The Bank of Santa Barbara Remote Deposit, you don’t have a deadline.  With Remote Deposit, you make deposits on your schedule, even after normal banking hours.


Merchant Services

At The Bank of Santa Barbara we offer a full range of Merchant Services from Credit Card Processing and Remote Check Capture to Change Orders.  At the Bank of Santa Barbara there is no waiting in long lines as we have a special service representative reserved just for you.  Call your representative ahead of time and pick-up your change order when you complete other banking, or have our bonded courier deliver it to you.  (Larger cash/coin shipments may be serviced by armored carrier)

FREE Credit Card Processing Analysis. Why wait? Call us today.

  • Complete credit and debit card processing for all major card providers.
  • Gift Card Programs.
  • Equipment purchase and rental programs.
  • Online merchant account information to check transactions and deposits, anywhere and anytime.
  • Check Conversion services.

Value-added services for your business.

  • Assistance with quick installation & employee training.
  • Emergency replacement units
  • Easy-to-read and reconcile statements.
  • Rapid deposit of your credit card funds into your account at The Bank of Santa Barbara.

Fully disclosed, competitive pricing.



Speed collections and streamline remittance processing for improved cash flow. The Bank of Santa Barbara specialists recommend and customize lockbox services to meet your business and reporting requirements, taking into consideration the type and volume of remittances you process.

Our lockbox services automate the collection and reporting of your remittances and offer many benefits, including:

  • Conveniently view images of payments and remittance documents over the Web
  • Improve availability of funds with our frequent pickups
  • Reduce in-house labor costs and manual errors with automated capture of remittance information
  • Customized processing and online reports provide information to improve control of funds

There are different lockbox services designed to meet the specific needs of your business. The Bank of Santa Barbara can help you choose the best lockbox service for your remittance volume and type.

Our Specialized Lockboxes

Retail lockbox - The Bank of Santa Barbara RemitStream Retail Lockbox service processes consumer to corporate payments.  RemitStream expedites collections for faster access to funds for businesses that receive large volumes of consumer payments that have lower average dollar amounts than wholesale payments.  The payments are collected, processed, and applied quickly and accurately to the bank accounts you designate.  The scannable coupons that accompany 90 percent of retail payments allow us to process in a high-speed environment and improve processing accuracy.

Wholesale lockbox - The Bank of Santa Barbara RemitStream Wholesale Lockbox Service is the traditional cash management tool designed for corporate-to-corporate payments.  If you receive low-volume, high-dollar payments, we process these Wholesale Lockbox payments using a state-of-the art, integrated infrastructure.  High-dollar check payments from your customers are efficiently collected, processed, and applied to the bank accounts you designate. Processing can be customized using our in-house staff of technology specialists.

Wholetail lockbox - If your needs are somewhere between wholesale and retail lockbox processing, we offer a customized mix of wholesale and retail lockbox services called wholetail lockbox. With a typical wholetail lockbox service, about 30 to 60 percent of your customers’ coupons can be processed automatically. Our service uses imaging and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to reduce manual intervention as much as possible.

Property Management/Homeowners Association lockbox - The Bank of Santa Barbara RemitStream Property Management Lockbox service is a specialized lockbox that enables assessment payments to be sent to one lockbox with the deposits made to separate accounts (DDAs) for each homeowners association.

For property managers needing more control in posting their receivables, we provide stop and acceptance file processing. During acceptance file processing, we may also automatically capture or verify check data.

After processing, one data transmission sorted by homeowners association is sent to the property management company to update the accounts receivable records of each of its homeowners associations. A second transmission sorted by homeowners association feeds payment information to The Bank of Santa Barbara for DDA posting.

Property Management Lockbox provides same-day Web-based access to images of the owners' checks and coupons. Searches can be conducted by homeowners association number or other data in the coupon scanline. Same day online decision of lockbox exceptions is also available through RemitStream Lockbox Online Unbankables.

In the past, property management companies had to maintain a separate lockbox for each homeowners association, which increased administrative costs considerably. With RemitStream Property Management Lockbox, property management companies can have property owners send payments for their homeowners association assessments to one P.O. box; yet, the funds can be credited to separate DDAs for each association.

The Bank of Santa Barbara lockbox services can save your business time and money and reduce errors.

Image lockbox -The Bank of Santa Barbara RemitStream Image Lockbox Service provides you with a "green" solution for your customers' lockbox payments. Instead of a traditional paper remittance package, you receive electronic images of all checks, envelopes, and other remittance documents processed in our lockbox operations. Black-and-white check images and color remittance-document images are made available to you on the same day checks are processed. You and your customers benefit from a complete image environment.

Image Archive - With The Bank of Santa Barbara Image Archive Service, images are retained in our Short-Term Image Archive for 180 days or in our Long-Term Image Archive for one, three, or seven years. The images are accessible with a web browser from a PC within hours of processing. Archive users reduce their paper handling and storage costs, no longer needing to search through stacks of paper to locate transactions.

The Bank of Santa Barbara Image Lockbox is processed the same way as a Wholesale Lockbox. During processing, we use advanced imaging technology to capture digitized images of checks, coupons, invoices, envelopes, and other payment documents.

After processing, we can create an image cash letter or X9.37 file of your check data and images and transmit the file to clear the checks electronically. Images are made available via the Internet (same-day), CD-ROM/DVD (daily, weekly or monthly) or image transmission sent directly to your back-office operations. We work with you to determine the best imaging option for your payment research and customer service needs.



At The Bank of Santa Barbara, we stress service AND convenience. That is why we have The Bank of Santa Barbara Courier Service. Why take your staff away from their normal responsibilities just to run to the bank. We can arrange to have The Bank of Santa Barbara Courier schedule a regular, or even an impromptu pick-up or delivery to meet your needs. Our standard courier is secure and bonded.