The Bank of Santa Barbara is now 100% locally owned and operated.  As local business leaders and philanthropists ourselves, we do more than just pay lip service to giving back to our community.  

Community Service is a Core Principle of The Bank of Santa Barbara, and as such, we call for all of our team to be active in our community. Every team member has a community service obligation as an expectation in their annual performance plans.  Not just money, but hands-on involvement with a personal touch - reflecting the same principles we uphold in our business.  And while we don’t tell them what to be involved in, because of their involvement, The Bank supports the various organizations in which our team members are engaged.  We encourage you to get involved too and would invite you to make contact with some of the great organizations that make our community Santa Barbara.

Below are links to just some of the community based organizations that we support.  Please join us and visit one or more of these sites to learn how you might be able to enhance our community and gain some self satisfaction in helping those less fortunate.